Sunday, April 1, 2007


I can certainly understand why people claimed that this final four would be one of the great ones. Two top seeds and two second seeds would suggest that the competition would be great. Yet the games this year have been no better (and possibly worse) than any of the last several years.

Maybe it is the perpetual hype from the commentators whose job it is to sell us the game. Maybe it is our yearly hope to see something better than we've ever seen before. Whatever the cause, a night spent watching Ohio State beat Georgetown and Florida beat UCLA was a night of feeling like you could have done something more interesting with your time.

I can live with games that don't contain last second drama (although that does help). As a huge fan of the game of basketball, all I ask is that the games are well-played by both teams. Neither of these games were that. Maybe Monday night will turn things around for this Final Four. I hope so, but I'm not taking anyone's word for it.

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