Friday, January 19, 2007

Maiden Voyage

What an intimidating experience it is to come up with a topic for your first blog entry. I would say that is especially true when you are someone who thought they were just signing up to comment on someone else's blog (Gone Mild, the ideas of a wide old sage named Dan). I just realized in fact that I don't even know how to make the link work. (Update: I think I fixed it.)

Anyway, the first topic is a big deal. I suppose it should be a kind of declaration about the purpose and focus of the blog -- a mission statement, if you are inclined to believe in such sorcery. Unfortunately, I have no idea what I want to talk about. I'm interested in just about everything to a degree. At the same time, almost nothing is interesting enough to devote one's entire Internet alter-ego to it. So I suppose this blog will hereby be dedicated to the discussion (possibly one-sided) of things that interest me. I think this fits the presiding ethos of the Internet. No less official source than Time magazine told me that this is all about me. Hell, I was on the cover. When I really think about it I realize that it is practically my civic duty to inform anyone who accidentally ventures to my little corner of the cyber-universe on anything and everything I think about.

I should probably cover the title as well. Let me begin by stating the purpose. I like the title Ancillary Adams for two reasons. First, I like to think I am to off-topic conversation as Ansel Adams was to Posters Plus, i.e. invaluable. Second, I love bad wordplay more than any other blog technique. Non sequitur arguments are good, but bad wordplay is great (and less ultimately less damaging). Now let me give a large qualification to my use of the title. I am not sure that I invented it. At a rather remarkable rate I seem to think up things that amuse me only to find out later that I had heard the ideas sometime before and forgotten them (and even when I don't I always carry the nagging suspicion). I thereby do not swear not to steal someone else's ideas. I do swear not to do it knowingly. And if the true creator comes forward, I will be glad to attribute appropriately.

Perhaps that is plenty for post #1. In our future together lies politics, food, drink, sports, human nature, art, and primarily the unimportant small stuff that seems to interest me most. If by bizarre coincidence, divine intervention, or a serious smiting you somehow read this, welcome.

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