Thursday, November 8, 2012

Missouri Hates Obama

A few weeks ago, I posted a chart that showed that Missouri had a larger shift away from Obama in polls than any other state except Utah since the 2008 election. Well, the actual election results showed the same thing. 

Romney received 10.2% more of the vote than McCain did in Utah. In Missouri, it was 9.6%. I believe, the next closest state was Indiana (I think) with a 5.3% shift. This is particularly strange in an election where Missourians elected a Democratic senator, governor, secretary of state, treasurer, and attorney general. In fact, the only state-wide office to go to a Republican was the lieutenant governor.

So, what gives? Why do Missourians hate Obama?

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Nick said...

Missouri was considered a border state during the civil war. Then and now, it perhaps should more correctly be regarded as a fifth columnist.


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