Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dancing Bears?

It will most likely be another year before the ol' hometown Missouri State Bears return to the NCAA tournament. Despite winning 25 games, winning the regular season Missouri Valley Conference championship (the Valley champ has made every tourney since 1993), and an expanded NCAA field, the Bears lack of wins over tournament worthy teams will most likely keep them out of the field.

This is depressing stuff because Missouri State hasn't made the tournament since 1999 when they went to the Sweet Sixteen. This is despite having 3 of the highest RPI's (21, 34, and 36) ever left out of the tournament. As with my other favorite local teams, the Bears just don't have much post-season luck. Maybe all that changes and beyond all hope, the selection committee decides to put them in. But I'm not holding my breath.

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Ryan said...

I think the MVC was the 12th highest rated league this year, that certainly didn't help them. The conference needs some quality wins outside the conference to even have a chance.


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