Thursday, February 3, 2011

Way to Go MO

I thought when Missouri became the only fence-riding state to go for McCain, we'd hit kind of a political rock bottom. Little did I know, our Democratic Senator would have something to say about that just over two years later.

Then came the McCaskill-Corker proposal. The progressive-leaning Center on Budget Priorities scored the bill with the horror of a too-young tween reading an early Stephen King novel. "Limiting spending to an historical average of some kind has been a longstanding goal of very conservative organizations such as the Heritage Foundation," wrote CBP's Paul Van de Water. "Historical spending levels are not a realistic or appropriate goal for the future." In another analysis, CBP's James Horney assessed that the CAP Act could slash $4.5 trillion from the budget, $2 trillion more than the RSC plan that Democrats had blanched at.
A memo to Claire: if the political climate in Missouri doesn't change, you're not going to get re-elected no matter how much you try to sound like a Republican.

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