Monday, February 7, 2011

The Public Taste

The fact that the public's general poor taste still surprises me is a testament either to the unfathomable amount of optimism I have about mankind or further evidence of my poor memory.

Either way, the public once again let me down by declaring two horrible commercials with dogs as their co-champions in USA Today's Super Bowl ad meter. The pug commercial was poor, but at least it wasn't developed by an ad agency. The one featuring dogs serving beer was, and still was awful.

By contrast, VW ran this ad, which was awesome.

Some credit where it is due: this ad was the third favorite in the ad meter.

In all, my top five were:

1. VW Star Wars
2. Doritos Back From the Dead
3. Groupon Tibet
4. Bridgestone Beaver Payback
5. Doritos Finger Licking

Bottom Five:
1. Budweiser Wild West
2. Teleflora Faith Hill
3. Go Daddy Spots
4. Best Buy Ozzy
5. Pepsi Torpedo Cooler

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