Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Really White

If you've ever woken up on a Saturday morning read a bit of Tom Clancy, rode your Harley down to the local golf course, then watched Ghostbusters before heading out in the evening to see Van Halen in concert... then you are the whitest person you know.

At least so says Real Stuff White People Like, a post from the blog at OKCupid. The whole post is pretty funny, but it points out that white dudes loves dude rock, dude movies, and dude activities. White women basically want to get away from white dudes (but they love the Red Sox?). And other races have some pretty funny tendencies as well.

Here is the official chart for white men. Check out the rest at the post.

Via Matt Yglesias.


emawkc said...

Yay for racial stereotypes!

Jim said...

That's the beauty, not stereotypes... just self-reported interests. Maybe says a little about the accuracy of stereotypes though.


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