Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Marketing Wizards

So the Star's Dollars and Sense blog doesn't think much of the idea, but:

Now the company (KFC) is advertising its bunless Double Down non-sandwich on the bottoms of sweatpants worn by female college students. Besides wearing the branded sweatpants, the women recruited to market this stuff will pass out coupons to fellow students.
I think the Dollars and Sense blogger has let their own personal social preferences eclipse their business sense here. I mean, I don't have the market research, but I would imagine (having once been one) that college males are easily the best target demo for a sandwich in which two pieces of fried chicken form the bun of a bacon and cheese sanwich.

That being the case, I cannot imagine better advertising placement than on the backsides of college women. Faith in marketing - reaffirmed!


Anonymous said...

I heard about this the other day. Fascinating. I'll be your eyes on the ground, so to speak, in Springfield since I'm on a college campus quite a bit these days. All in the name of research!!!!!

Jim said...

You sir, are a scientist.


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