Friday, August 20, 2010

We're Number 1-1!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not entirely sure what makes Newsweek qualified to rank the world's countries, but I generally find these things interesting anyway. We are apparently the number 11 country in the world based on a variety of statistics.

If you can't stand not being #1, you need to move to Finland. Those Nordic jerks apparently do most everything well. Actually, if you can deal with the cold, all the Nordic countries would be good options. Sweden is #3, and laggard Norway is #6.

The overall ranking is a composite score based on five individually ranked categories (methodology is here if you are interested). The U.S. does great coming in #2 in economic dynamism, and ranks #9 in quality of life.

Quality of life is a silly category to me, or at least it is a category with a crappy name. If you are #1 in quality of life (that's you Norway), then you are the best country. But they don't quite mean quality of life in the overarching sense that I would use the term. Anyway, we'd do a little better in their definition if we had better income equality.

So, back to the rankings, we kind of drop off from there. We come in 14 in political environment, which kind of makes you want to read the political columns in the newspapers of the 86 countries behind us. But we get points for stability not for intelligence.

The last two categories are health and education. We rank 26th in both. This is how you know their definition of quality of life differs from mine. I can't imagine a population that isn't too bright and isn't very healthy as one with a great quality of life. But hey, we have lots of TVs right?

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