Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So there is this tool on the Interwebs that gives your address a score based on how walkable it makes your life. My life is about half walkable... if that is what a score of 52 means.

Basically, this just confirms what most of us already know. It sucks to walk in KC. I live in a part of town that is probably more walkable than most of the metro, and I received a score of 52. Not so hot.

What I found more interesting is that it showed me what is walking distance from the house. For instance, I had no idea that The Epicurean was the second closest restaurant to my house. Of course, they have a sign on the outside of the place that says 35 and over, so I'm not quite eligible to attend anyway.

I also got excited when I found out that the Film Society of Kansas City was walking distance from my house. Then I looked closer and found out that it is actually located at the Screenland, and this thing had the address wrong. It turns out that many of the distances are, in fact, wrong. I don't know where the map data came from, but it isn't too swift.

Anyway, you can check the site out if you want. I'm not imploring you to do so, but you might find something of value if you have a little time to kill


Dan said...

My house gets a 62, so you could walk over here and then you're in better shape. By the way, it shows that there is a grocery store in my neighborhood called, I kid you not, "the Palatable Pair". It's in a house on Locust. Think I should visit?

Jim said...

You have to check it out right? I wouldn't go by yourself though...


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