Monday, November 2, 2009

Who Needs facebook When You have the Star?

Newspapers really are in trouble. What other conclusions can you draw when the Star now has what appears to be a permanent place at the center of the homepage reserved for party pics?

If the only reason someone is going to read you is that you might include a picture of someone they know, you should probably be an alumni magazine... not the newspaper of record for a top 50 media market.

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Applecart T. said...

I, too, have noticed that and sighed. It's the "Ink" section right on the front web page of, though, so maybe they are … trying to collect younger readers from there to read the "real news?"

Old people like me are annoyed by the "look, boobs" aspect of it, though — up front and center. What is this focus on "fun," a "Let's Pretend It's the Roaring Twenties While We Are All Unemployed?"

We do appreciate the decent "more news" scroll feature, however, while at the same time think there is really nothing meaty at all to read in Star. Web = unlimited space. Use it.


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