Friday, July 17, 2009

Charts and Charts and Charts and...

In case you were getting ready to write your Congressman about the potential devastating effects of raising taxes on the wealthy to pay for universal healthcare.

You can relax.

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Royal said...

Taxes on everyone are going up, plain and simple. They have to to cover our current deficit. So, the question becomes at what percentage level are you comfortable taxing the top 1%. 40%, 50%+? Why should they pay more? They they took the risk financially and succeeded? How do you continue to incentivize workers to strive to be successful because as we know money motivates? Since appx. 80% of Americans have some healthcare coverage and are happy with it, why not address the remaining 15-20% instead of revamping the entire system. This will only hurt our medicare population which probably needs the most coverage help? So many questions, so few answers. As we talked about last week. Let's see our congress develop a plan that they have to live by for the rest of their lives. Also I would like to see all of them (that are considered rich, making 1+ million a year) become leaders and willingly pay a higher tax percentage instead of continuing to create tax loopholes for themselves and corporations they are so close to so that they can keep as much of their profits as possible. Again, too much corruption, to little transparency. I just hope that that our congress takes the time to read and truly understand the bill they are voting on so that their are no surprises down the road.


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