Thursday, February 19, 2009

Palin Still Awesome

I know the campaign is over. I know we should allow Sarah to fade into obscurity. But this just cries out to be seen.

A couple of weeks before the Alaska legislature began this year's session, a bipartisan group of state senators on a retreat a few hours from here invited Gov. Sarah Palin to join them. Accompanied by a retinue of advisers, she took a seat at one end of a conference table and listened passively as Gary Stevens, the president of the Alaska Senate, a former college history professor and a low-key Republican with a reputation for congeniality, expressed delight at her presence.

Would the governor, a smiling Stevens asked, like to share some of her plans and proposals for the coming legislative session?

Palin looked around the room and paused, according to several senators present. "I feel like you guys are always trying to put me on the spot," she said finally, as the room became silent.
She is in charge of an entire state. She could have been in charge of our country. The Republican Party, taking government seriously!

Via Kevin Drum.

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Queen City Family Man said...

Has there been a more paranoid political figure since Nixon? Seriously. A softball like "What do you read to stay up on current events?" is taken as a gotcha moment, as is an opportunity to share plans and proposals for her day job. Each passing day I'm more sure that the Republican Party is screwed if she's the best they can offer in 2012.


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