Monday, February 9, 2009

How Bad Is It?

Pretty bad. Barring an amazing turnaround, it looks like the Depression may get a run for its money. Republicans might want to take note.

Via Kevin Drum.


Queen City Family Man said...

Think having the Republicans take note will do any good? When I listen to Hannity, Limbaugh, etc. they tell me that this is "officially the Obama Recession."

Hannity said last week that some housing numbers ticked up recently and that was obviously in spite of Obama. Clearly the economy is the new guy's fault...except any good news.

Brian Rules the World said...

Yeah, it cracks me up too. When Bush was in office, they blamed it on Clinton and the fact that the Democrats controlled congress for Bush's two final years. Now that Obama is in office, it's officially his fault. Somehow, Bush, Cheney, et al are completely devoid of any blame in this economic meltdown.

Of course these right-wing media assholes wouldn't bother me so much if there weren't millions of rednecks out there hearing their words and believing it as gospel.


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