Monday, December 8, 2008

Panic on All Sides

Perhaps still convinced Obama is a socialist, there are still some wingnuts out there trying to challenge the president elect's eligibility to serve. Some liberals, meanwhile, are starting to fear they helped elect a closet centrist, and they aren't very happy about it.

Is it possible to be a liberal that the right fears beyond any reasonable measure without really being liberal at all?

I would guess so.


Evil St. Louisan said...

What's funny is when I shared the liberal anger with Obama with some conservative friends, instead of thinking 'hey, maybe he isn't as radical as we thought', their reaction was to say he's already not living up to campaign promises.

My favorite response was "At lease you knew where McCain stood on things." Awesome.

Instead of fighting like I would have done during the campaign and bringing up where McCain exactly stood on the Bush tax cuts or off shore drilling since he changed his mind once he became Candidate McCain, I just left it alone. Sigh.

Jim said...

I hear you. I find that my will to argue with flat out ignorance has waned considerably.

I guess subconciously I think they can't screw things up for me anymore. That is probably a fairly dangerous delusion.


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