Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Feeling 10 Again

According to my latest Rolling Stone magazine, the top three active (whatever that is) rock radio hits are from AC/DC, Metallica, and Guns'n'Roses. Apparently all it takes to resurrect three bands who haven't been really successful in at least 15 years is to have a chart where the alternatives are Shinedown, Mudvayne, and Disturbed.

As for that "active" label, what is it really? Judging by most of what it on the list it seems it might be code for "crappy." Wikipedia says that "active rock plays current rock artists with a mix of classic rock songs." Fine, but I still have no idea what the word "active" is intended to signify. Anyone know?

On a personal note, I am going to see AC/DC in January. This will leave the Rolling Stones as the only still functional band on my list of favorite bands I've never seen.

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Brian Rules the World said...

All of the bands mentioned should hang it up. and take Aerosmith and Bon Jovi, who've both been writing the same damn song over and over again for the past 15 years, with them. Seriously, do we need another Cryin' or Have a Nice Day?

Though to be honest, I saw the Stones in '98, well past their prime, and they kicked ass...


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