Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I Was Attempting to Shoot Myself But My Damn Alligator...

Here is an entire story on an alligator police found in some guy's basement.

CARTHAGE, Mo. | Zookeepers were called in to help when police discovered a man-sized alligator in the basement of a Carthage home.

Police found the American alligator while responding to a call about an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound Monday.

The Carthage animal control officer called two zookeepers from Springfield’s Dickerson Park Zoo, about 60 miles away.

They covered the alligator’s eyes with a towel, taped its mouth shut and carried it upstairs.

The 6½-foot alligator is being housed by the Carthage Humane Society while authorities look for a permanent home.

One zookeeper said that because the American alligator was taken off the endangered-species list in 1987, it has become common to sell the babies in pet stores and outdoor markets.

Would it be too much to ask to give me some hint about whether the self-inflicted gunshot wound and the alligator were related? The only thing that would have made it more bizarre is if there had been another random sentence stating that the home was also used as a daycare.

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Anonymous said...

ahhhh...this story makes me miss home! funny!



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