Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Agent Zero (aka The Hibachi)

Gilbert Arenas is going to opt out of his contract at the end of the season. Why?

Sunday night, Arenas fired the opening shot in negotiations with the Washington Wizards … by offering to take a pay cut.

The premise put to him was that it would be hard to expect the Wizards to re-sign Arenas and fellow free agent Antawn Jamison while sticking to their stated goal of staying below the NBA's luxury tax threshold.

"Just sign Antawn first and then I'll take the pay cut, to keep the team intact," Arenas said.

Arenas has always been a different kind of dude, but this is unexpected even for him. Long live the Hibachi.

1 comment:

Dan said...

That is awesome!

Too bad he doesn't play soccer, football, baseball, hockey or pro bass fishing, so it would be exciting to watch him play . . .


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