Tuesday, March 4, 2008


(Update: The embedded deal didn't work out. Use the link to play the game.)

A nice diversion. Try finding a Pacific Island in the middle of this tiny map.


Kess said...

Okay, Jim, what's your score? I got to level 8 of 12 before they wouldn't let me advance. Seems you need 30,000 to move on and I only had 27,357 on World Capitals (Hard).

I was very humbled by how far off I was, yet also surprised by how close I came to places like Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and Vilnius, Lithuania (both within 100 kM). I feel good, though. The game told me that I rock and encouraged everyone to bow down to the master...so just begin bowing at any time now.

Jim said...

I made it to level 10 before putting two Pacific Islands in Africa and an Eastern European city in the Middle East. Also, be advised that Perth is on the western side of Australia.


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