Monday, March 17, 2008


A few thoughts about the NCAA tournament brackets:

The little guys were disrespected yet again. Dayton and Illinois State were left out sporting RPI's of 32 and 33 respectively. Meanwhile Kentucky and Oregon rolled into the tourney with RPI's of 57 and 58. Kentucky is 18-12. From the talk on the sports shows last night, the last team out was Arizona State who is 82. Why do we continue the charade that RPI matters? The only thing it is used for is to make it easier to exclude small teams when their number doesn't measure up.

The national champion will probably be one of the legends of college basketball. North Carolina, Kansas, and UCLA are all #1 seeds. Duke and Georgetown are #2 seeds. Only the South Region with Memphis and Texas is likely not to send a member of the royal family to the Final Four.

Coincidence that OJ Mayo and Michael Beasley are matched up in the first round? No way.

Speaking of USC vs. K-State, the #6-#11 matchups are the most interesting of the first round.

My early thought is that there isn't much reason not to pick the four #1 seeds to be the Final Four contenders. The best reasons I can think of right now are Tennessee, Pitt, and Georgetown.

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