Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Go Vote - Drink Sierra Nevada!

This chart from National Journal shows how beer choices correlate with political preferences. Most people I've seen commenting on the chart have been focused on the X axis and what your favorite beer says about your likelihood to be a Democrat or Republican. While that is interesting, I am maybe more intrigued by the Y axis. In many ways, it shows what you would think, the price of beer correlating somewhat with chances that you'll vote.

But what is up with Heinekin? Apart from the fact that I am chagrined that it is the most liberal beer here (I would rather have the conservative darling Shiner Bock), I am also mystified as to why it's relative expense produces no more voters. Are these people too liberal too vote?

Also, cheers to drinkers of High Life. It's cheap, but if you drink it you are more likely to vote than the guy drinking a "fancy" Bud Select. Champagne of beers indeed.

Finally, it seems the whole chart comes together at Bud Light. It represents your average American in most elections it would seem - somewhere in the middle and most likely not going to vote.

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