Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Confusing the Uninformed

Because if you were intent on imposing Shariah law on the U.S., you would definitely start with the Tennessee state Department of Economic and Community Development...
“To date, the Haslam Administration has displayed an unfortunate ignorance to the threat of Shariah,” Kookogey said in an email to TPM. “They seem willing to accept the claims and defense of the Muslim Brotherhood at face value, refusing to even consider that, perhaps, those bent on destroying Western Civilization might just be infiltrating our institutions. … It is not like this has never happened before. The Muslim Brotherhood is following the blueprint of the Communists, who infiltrated the highest levels of government and society in the 1950’s. Shariah, however, is an even greater threat, because it has cloaked itself under the auspices of a religion, thus confusing the uninformed.”
Thank God there are well-informed citizens like Kookogey to beat back the specter of things that don't actually exist. And to do it while being rather poetically named Kookogey.

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