Monday, May 7, 2012

We Ain't Got Much, But We Got More Than Some

I have made a fairly regular habit of complaining about sports in KC on the blog. And my largest gripe is that we haven't won a playoff game in the major sports since 1993. (For the record, this does not include Sporting KC who I think should be included if hockey is included, but whatever. Go Sporting!)

But recentness is only one way to look at the numbers. If you look at them from an overall perspective, things are a little better. A chart on Slate shows championships in the major four sports by city. KC is there with our 2 (that happened eons ago). But also on the chart is Houston, who has 3 teams and only 2 championships as well. Indianapolis has 2 teams and 1 championship. Phoenix has 4 teams and 1 championship. Seattle has 2 championships. Charlotte has 0 championships. Milwaukee has 2, and one of the teams isn't even there anymore (the Braves).

Speaking of the Braves, the winner for least decorated city per team has to be Atlanta. Atlanta has 1 championship despite having all 4 major sports for a fairly lengthy period of time.

There is no real point to this, by the way. Just making myself feel a little better after watching Luke Hochever pitch this weekend.

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