Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Reading Habits

Slate shows us the latest issues of Time Magazine in 4 different places, and asks if Time thinks Americans are stupid.

It might be that Time thinks we are stupid. But from these two examples, it certainly also seems that Time might just think we couldn't care less about anything happening outside the U.S. of A.


jackknife rodriguez said...
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jackknife rodriguez said...

In looking at the previous and current regional covers, it appears that the two examples you've chosen are isolated "dumb" covers. There are several opposing examples with the more "high-brow" covers leaning in the US's favor.,9263,901111031,00.html

I think a story being newsworthy is only newsworthy if people are interested. I'd say the target reader in the US wouldn't care about Leo Messi, so it only makes sense that it's not on the cover here.,9263,7601120206,00.html
However, this makes me wonder if the target reader for TIME in the US is a 30ish educated woman?

But in all fairness, the "dumb" covers seem to be equal-opportunistic in the long run:,9263,901110808,00.html,9263,901100816,00.html

In looking at the different covers per region over time, I don't feel as "dumb" as your examples portrayed.


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