Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Gripe

In reading the news and listening to the radio, it seems to me that what we seem to be having - more than anything else - is a breakdown in faith that we can do anything as a collective. Whether that be govern ourselves, raise children, build good neighborhoods, or improve an economy, it all seems the same. Our national thought process has truly been hijacked by people who believe "every man for himself" is the best way to run a society. Leaving aside the incongruity of this idea with many of these same people's supposed religious beliefs, this is still a baffling issue. How did this train of thought become dominant? Is it a climate of skepticism in one another that has caused it? Is it social, moral, or functional? I don't know, but I am afraid of what we may do to ourselves before we figure out otherwise.


Joe Viviano said...

Hi Jim--

I found your blog through the Kansas City bloggers network-- I'm happy to come across someone in the blogosphere from KC.

I'm glad to hear your concerns as I have been thinking the same thing over the past three months. While I support the notion of individual freedoms and liberty, the power of the group has certainly been minimized.


Jim said...

Joe, thanks for the comment. Glad to hear from a KC blogger!


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