Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Power of the Dark Side

A classic piece of imposing the everyday on the fantastical. This is an old one, but a very good one.

From McSweeney's:

The Death Star clearly has a garbage-disposal problem. Given its size and massive personnel, the amount of waste it generates — discarded food, broken equipment, excrement, and the like — boggles the imagination. That said, I just cannot fathom how an organization as ruthless and efficiently-run as the Empire would have signed off on such a dangerous, unsanitary, and shoddy garbage-disposal system as the one depicted in the movie.
The piece goes on to describe several issues with the system such as the inefficiency of two moving walls, the inanity of having a creature to deal with organic waste, and the danger of ejecting giant dense pieces of garbage into space.

Yet, all I could really think about was whether Darth Vader poops.

I imagine him standing proudly over the contents of his toilet announcing "I am your father!"

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