Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm not saying this dude is wrong, but...

I have couple of questions for the toter of this protest sign before I join the cause:
1. Do you think consistency is important?
2. How about apostrophes?
3. I am very much opposed to the high fullutent, but I've never been able to identify a definition of 'fullutent.' Could you please expound?
4. Is this list in order of damnation? As I am only sophisticated swine and a sports nut, this is very important.
5. Also, could you please clarify whether devil lovers are avid sports fans or leisure activity genitals?
6. What does P. K's mean? If it means either philandering kittens or phat kids, then I'm in.

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The Wednesday Weekly said...

poor Emos... can't ever catch a break.


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