Monday, November 26, 2007

Ron Paul?

I spent the Thanksgiving holiday in southwest Missouri, and discovered that if an election were held today there would be a bunch of people trying to get me to vote for Ron Paul. I don't know if the people who would actually vote for the man extend beyond his fervent supporters that stand on busy street corners with signs or hand out bumper stickers (both things going on in Springfield this weekend). But one might suspect there have to be at least a few.

What's with all the hubbub? Based on a combination of expressed opinions of the Ron Paulites I know personally and my own suspicions about what those opinions really mean, I think this may be a sort of GOP rebellion vote. These are people who are (understandably) dismayed at the way the Republican government has conducted itself and pandered to its extreme religious elements, but would still never consider voting for a Democrat.

So Paul it is. My question for such people is whether they seriously think abolishing the CIA, IRS, NEA, Federal Reserve, and whatever else (as well as pulling us out of trade deals and the UN) in his first term is A) really a good idea, and B) at all feasible without mass chaos for a decade. Because in the still very remote chance the man gets elected, they are either going to have to answer for that, or be disappointed in their leader once again.

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Anonymous said...

I was out waving signs with my brother and niece and nephew. I think the main thing is that when I researched Ron Paul, I came to trust the man. I've heard him say (in person) that he understands that he can't enact all of his ideas. Congress would overturn many of his vetos! But, I'm okay w/ that. I believe our founding fathers meant there to be a balance of power. Number one for me, I'm opposed to the doctrine of preemptive strike or preventative war (Iraq doesn't even meet either of these standards) Iraq posed no military threat to us...This is a violation of the Christian theory of "Just War." Ron Paul is the only candidate who speaks with this sort of deep knowledge. He's got my vote---I trust him. I believe in the "rule of law" not the rule of men. Peace. I run a site on my own:


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