Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I know interest in the NBA is low, but I like it. So if you want to read this blog, you'll occasionally have to deal with an NBA story.

Training camp is back in session, and pre-season games are underway. This does not excite my wife at all, incidentally. Anyway, I was checking box scores and came across the fact that getting significant sub minutes for the Denver Nuggets was Stacey Augmon. That is the same Stacey Augmon who was part of the the great UNLV teams of the early 90's. He's 39 years old. Somewhere Kevin Willis is smiling.


Dan said...

39 is not Methusela.

Besides, basketball is a sissy sport, where a tiny slap on the arm can draw a foul. He ought to be able to play well into his seventies . . .

Vinny Testaverde plays a real sport, and he's 43.

Jim said...

I will choose to let slide your basketball misconceptions on the assumption that your own advanced age has allowed your brain to atrophy.

And if we really want to get serious, we have to consider Julio Franco who is still playing baseball and is currently 49.


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